Two Weeks in Micronesia

You just never know with Pohnpei…sometimes it’s like, “How did I make it a whole year here?” and then later it’s like, “Why would anyone want to leave?”

Change is Afoot in Paradise

The longer I’m in Pohnpei, the more it’s become apparent that even on this little island, a place hardly anyone has heard of, in the middle of nowhere, change is happening…the question I had to reconcile: Are these changes for good or ill?

A Life Lost, A Life Changed

Five years ago, I lost a friend. And that singular moment changed my outlook on death, life, and the bonds that unite us all.

First Stop: Japan

When you are blessed with the option of extending a layover at no cost in a country you’ve always wanted to visit but thought was prohibitively expensive and far afield, what do you do? Six months ago, while booking our tickets, we were faced with that very quandary.