How to Travel the World on the Cheap: Planning

Like snowflakes and fingerprints, each person is different when it comes to traveling. The innumerable possible variance of positions on the spectrum of why people travel, for how long, on what budget, with whom, and so on makes the planning process unique to each individual.

Restart Africa: A Homecoming

With that first breath of fresh African air, and the view of clear blue sky, warm sunshine, and white, billowing clouds, a new chapter had begun. We didn’t even care that our bags were lost. We’d arrived in Kenya, finally.

How to Travel the World on the Cheap. Part 2: Accommodations

Sleep. The final frontier. No matter where you go, or what your situation, it will find you. From upright sleep on bumpy busses brought on by extreme exhaustion to the ever occasional full 8-hours, where one rests their weary eyes is of continuous of concern on the road. The decision on how to tackle the…