Here’s the deal: My fiance and I just quit our jobs and are traveling around the world for a year. For some, this may seem like a big risk. Most Americans can’t fathom taking this kind of a leap. But for us, we feel that NOT doing this is the biggest risk we could possibly take. We’re still relatively young but aren’t getting any younger. We see this are our last chance to have a lengthy adventure together before settling down for a while. So, we’re going big. We will adventuring by road tripping around the US, climbing mount Fuji in Japan, camping on deserted islands in Micronesia, seeking out lost family members in Korea, acting as adventure guides in Vietnam and Cambodia, rock climbing in Thailand, exploring the southern coast of Myanmar, trekking to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, volunteering in India, jumping on a safari in Tanzania, working at an orphanage in Kenya, and sampling the best of African fair in Ethiopia, among many many other adventures. Woo! That’s a long list but that really only brings us to April of 2017 and after that, our minds and pathways are open to whatever strikes us.  Along the way, we intend to take cooking classes in every country we visit and carry that culinary know-how back home with us to enrich our kitchen and share what we’ve learned with our friends and family.  Also, we seek to immerse ourselves in the rich diversity of the cultures we visit, and I personally intend to bring these perspectives back to the classroom with me when I return to teaching in one year. Of course, we plan to climb every majestic mountain, traverse every colorful coastline, and kneel in awe in every exalted temple that beckon to us along the way. We’ve encouraged our friends and family to meet up with us during our journey and are hoping to that our blogs (see Jenna’s blog at http://www.trailtalesandtreats.wordpress.com) can bring our adventures to those who can’t. Ahoy, and welcome aboard our adventure year!