How to Trek the Everest Region in Nepal

For us, this was an experience in unmatched beauty and we can’t recommend it highly enough for anyone who revels in the mountains, foreign cultures, meeting new and interesting people, or pushing themselves to the bounds of their physical limitations.

A Walk in the Heavens: Three Weeks in the Everest Region

With the sun bearing down on a jagged Himalayan horizon, casting golden light and long shadows on the snowcapped peaks surrounding me, I stretched up to place a small stone on the summit cairn of Kala Patthar. Clad in the bright blues, yellows, reds, whites, and greens of Tibetan prayer flags, this precipice of rock…

Myanmar: Golden Land of Smiles and Stares

As our gaze drifted from the deserted beach of Koh Chang Noi laid before us, up to the grey tides of the Andaman Sea, and further out to the islands of the Myeik Archipelago obscured in the distance by a rain lingering for days, two truths became discouragingly evident: First, we were the only ones…

How We Did It

The window to travel around the world with the person you love is small and fleeting. This is how we made it happen.

Three Weeks in Vietnam

In terms of backpacking meccas, Vietnam isn’t as high on the list as, say Thailand or Western Europe, but it has all the trappings of a budget traveler’s paradise.

Travelog: South Korea

To talk about our experiences in Korea without mentioning the emotional aspect of it all would be to ignore the real reason we were in there in the first place. But do allow me to digress from those difficult-to-put-into-words parts of our adventure in Korea to instead detail what we did.

Two Weeks in Micronesia

You just never know with Pohnpei…sometimes it’s like, “How did I make it a whole year here?” and then later it’s like, “Why would anyone want to leave?”

Change is Afoot in Paradise

The longer I’m in Pohnpei, the more it’s become apparent that even on this little island, a place hardly anyone has heard of, in the middle of nowhere, change is happening…the question I had to reconcile: Are these changes for good or ill?